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We are fortunate to have a beautiful organ and a Clavinova digital piano. Matt plays several other instruments including guitar and banjo to provide a variety of styles for our music. The weekly hymn numbers are listed in the bulletin and also displayed on the boards on either sides of the front wall.

What to expect

Welcome to St Paul Lutheran Church. We would be happy to have you attend service with us. You will find a warm and cozy sanctuary in which to worship, friendly members to welcome you and most importantly, the message of love and hope Jesus brings into our lives.

Scripture Readings

As the inspired Word of God, we center our message around four readings. Typically one from the old testament, a Psalm passage and a reading from the New Testament.

Pastor will then provide a Gospel reading.

These readings set the stage and context for the sermon.


So much can be learned from the sermon, or message. The messages at St Paul often bring some understanding to the scripture readings and tie it meaningfully to life today. The message also reassures us of God’s love for us and the free gift of grace through Jesus life, death and resurrection.

Missed this week service?
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